What you should know before undergoing a Stretch Mark Surgery

What is plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and Stretch Mark Surgery? Despite the claims of many practitioners, there is no evidence to support any claim that surgery can eliminate or reduce stretch marks or as they are known in medical circles, striae distensae.… Continue Reading

Build muscle: a training plan for your home

How can you effectively build muscle and from home which matching exercises are recommended for. Not always an expensive membership at a fitness center is needed to build muscles, as well as at home, you can train it well and… Continue Reading

Remove cuticles: Tips for beautiful nails

Every woman knows the plague remove the cuticle. It is not necessary the problem if one’s nails regularly and carefully cultivates. Well cared for hands are the calling card of every person. This also means that one treats his nails… Continue Reading

Home remedies for calluses on the feet – an overview

To get the easiest ways to naturally clean and gentle way and smooth legs, without resorting to harmful alkalis need. Basically to say that skin on the feet is not necessarily something harmful. It is a natural protection of the… Continue Reading

Facial exercises to remove wrinkles naturally

There are muscles in the face so they need to stay toned to retain the shape and avoid falling prey to gravity. To prevent the appearance of wrinkles as well as to eliminate those that are in place, there are… Continue Reading

Massages to tone and reduce modelers

An important micronutrient that can be obtained through some foods and that is synthesized through sun exposure.

Massage to tone and reduce modelers are based on intense maneuvers carried out in areas of abundant adipose tissue and localized to model it and reduce it. Act on the body’s connective tissue to improve irrigation and lymphatic and venous… Continue Reading

Foot odor and deodorant

By sweating body cools and releases toxins, this process happens all the time and is enhanced when it is hot or situations that alter the metabolism of the body. Many believe that foot odor is due to perspiration, but this… Continue Reading

Types of acid for chemical peels

In the treatment of chemical peels or creams for the specific skin, various acids are used to the skin to renew, to minimize the imperfections, the skin look radiant, firm and smooth. Each of these acids has certain effects that… Continue Reading

Bananas for preventing asthma in children

Bananas for preventing asthma in children

A pillar of health and a useful tool to prevent multiple diseases is a good diet. One of the diseases that good food can prevent asthma is because children who eat a banana a day have a lower risk of… Continue Reading