Why infants and children suffer from diarrhea?

In infants, the most common causes are: Power The bottle is ill-prepared: Perhaps too thick (it is appropriate to bring a measure of infant milk powder per 30 cc of water). The water that was prepared was contaminated bottle :… Continue Reading

Can flu virus A (H1N1) be transmitted to the unborn baby?

It seems that the flu virus is not transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy or childbirth. Only transmitted from mother to child through the airways. It is advisable to keep breastfeeding if the mother contracted influenza A. There are… Continue Reading

Myths about food: One of the most common myths about food is…

In popular culture there are many myths about infant feeding. Parents need to know to distinguish them from reality in order to give the children an adequate diet. There are many myths about feeding children who are passed from generation… Continue Reading

How many times should go to the doctor in the first month of the baby?

Currently, when a baby is born encourages parents who come to the pediatrician at least once during the first month. However, if the newborn has an excessive weight loss during the first week or prolonged jaundice, among other conditions that… Continue Reading

How to help babies and children during the first days of kindergarten?

If you are starting day care who you are thinking of leaving him, what care to choose, what to do if you want to go to daycare … If your child is older, and start the stage of primary education, you will face other challenges. Probably notice a big change, but not so much related to his physical, but a great advance from the intellectual point of view Continue Reading

How long should the mother wait to have another baby?

From the standpoint of health, it is recommended to wait for the mother’s body recover from pregnancy and childbirth to have another baby. Exclusive breastfeeding and demand, pregnancies spaced 2 or 3 years. Artificial feeding or mixed feeding (breast and… Continue Reading

Home remedies for constipation in children – which helps

Many people suffering from stomach and intestinal complaints, most often distributed with the constipation, so that even children are suffering the affect. Much of the immune system can be found in the gut so that blockage, serious problems with it… Continue Reading