Sexual anorexia Causes and treatments

With the level of demand which currently raises daily life in the cities, where people give everything to highlight at the working level and to grow economically, personally often relegated. This overview provides the basis of sexual anorexia, a disorder… Continue Reading

Home remedies for Frigidity or female sexual dysfunction

Frigidity also called female sexual dysfunction refers to the inability of women to achieve orgasm during a satisfying relationship. It is characterized by a general lack of sexual desire and response to sexual stimuli. Causes of frigidity include what cause… Continue Reading

Natural therapies for emotional balance

Natural therapies for emotional balance

The emotional states play a fundamental role in the lives of people, especially in the disease, the mood of the person is usually very important due to its ability to positively influence the recovery of the patient. Stress, anxiety, anxiety… Continue Reading

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: a mental illness

one type of anxiety disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder, is one type of anxiety disorder, can be a source of depression for many, but like all psychological pathology it is the manifestation of something else, generally little to do with what they seem. This article will… Continue Reading