7 Smart Tips to lose weight

7 Smart Tips to lose weight: how fast to lose weight

You can make the diet much easier and effective if you put up some of these smart tips to lose weight. It is not magic solutions or innovative, but of key guidelines that often are overlooked but they really have… Continue Reading

Tips for combating cellulite with food

One factor that influences, among others, the appearance of cellulite is poor nutrition. What is not always correct is to identify the foods that cause the skin orange. Therefore, know some foods to avoid according to type of cellulite suffering,… Continue Reading

How to compensate for deficiencies in a vegetarian diet

How to compensate for deficiencies in a vegetarian diet

For people who do not consume meat, it is sometimes difficult to lead a vegetarian diet that includes all the components you need to feel good and be healthy. But not impossible. A vegetarian diet can be very beneficial for… Continue Reading

What are the eating disorders?

what are the eating disorders

The bulimia is a disease that occurs more common in women, especially during adolescence and youth but is also known cases in men and women of diverse ages. Some people do not take seriously at all this disease but bulimia… Continue Reading

How do you lose weight with Smart foods

Smart foods help you lose weight

If you want to lose weight quickly without suffering hunger and distress by having your daily normal diet, just incorporate certain foods into your regular menu which themselves aid in weight loss. But do not forget to combine it with… Continue Reading

Juice to keep the silhouette slimming

Maintaining weight loss is not always easy, but it can help the body, with some tricks like detoxifying teas or juices, which help remove and discard everything that our body does not need. If you are looking to lose a… Continue Reading


Diet naturist prevention and cholesterol reduction

Diet naturist prevention and cholesterol reduction

Good nutrition can help to not only prevent but to lower the rates of LDL bad cholesterol. The good news is accompanied by the observation that for a healthy functioning, the body needs good cholesterol not scarce. So speaking of… Continue Reading

The ideal diet for weight loss

The ideal diet for weight loss

According to experts, the appropriate and balanced regime for weight loss should not be less than 1200 calories and should be as close to the Mediterranean cuisine, little meat, lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, breads, dried fruits, olive oil,… Continue Reading

Lemon verbena tea to lose weight and relieve digestive problems

Lemon verbena tea to lose weight

Have you tasted the natural solutions to various health problems stomach pains and sharp to help your diet? The lemon verbena tea is a natural remedy to relieve stomach cramps, indigestion and discomfort also it will help in the diets… Continue Reading