How to burn more calories

When you burn calories, everyone knows that the way is to move. But how do you burn more calories? which burns more calories? Surely you do these questions to optimize the outcome of your effort and you may have heard… Continue Reading

Tofu Pizza – easy recipe for low calorie diet

Tofu cheese pizza recipe is delicious and perfect for vegetarians or people who are on low-calories diet. While the tofu may have a reputation for being boring and monotonous, however, there are many creative and easy tofu recipes that can… Continue Reading

The benefits of breastfeeding to lose weight postpartum

The benefits of breastfeeding to lose weight postpartum

The benefits of physical and emotional breastfeeding are extensive for both mother and child and are even supported by scientific studies. But despite this, many women choose artificial feeding. Breastfeeding not only helps the baby’s intellectual development, but helps the… Continue Reading

Know the truth about regular foods and fattening foods

If you convey to your children, since small, the idea that there are foods that have ‘fat’, you might get something a little healthier, that is obsessed with the topic and already small to begin to eliminate foods from your… Continue Reading

Apple Diet: The apple detoxifies the body

The apple diet is very harmful in the long term for the body because the diet of apples, tea and water is too one-sided. Detoxifying apple days however, are very useful. Everyone knows the health tip “An apple a day… Continue Reading

How to eliminate fluid retention cleansing diets

Fluid retention is a common problem especially in women, this may be due to various factors, and to fight there’s nothing better than following a cleansing diet with diuretic properties. Carrying adequate food can help significantly improve this problem, but… Continue Reading