Take super foods for Beautiful skin and for antiaging

Take super foods for Beautiful skin and for antiaging

A beautiful skin starts from within, many celebrities, stylists and makeup artists say the secret of it is to eat fruits and vegetables because they contain lots of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that not only give the skin a radiant glow, but also help improve texture and combat the effects of aging. Continue Reading

3 best Home Remedies for flaccidity

Firming Tomato Mask

The sagging is an aesthetic imperfection that can make you look much worse than what you want. That’s why it is always good to have on hand some home remedies to combat it, because nobody wants to look these flaps.… Continue Reading

Natural remedies and cures for spots and stains on skin

natural remedies and cures for stains and skin blemishes

Skin has pigmentation changes which are called stains.  Stains appear due to various factors, pregnancy, genetics, excessive sun exposure are among many others. They are located different area of skin, blemishes as freckles, moles and age spots and each have… Continue Reading

How to avoid white marks on summer

It is normal during the summer to sun exposure, bathing suits, whether bikinis or trikinis entire Mayan, it leave white marks on protected areas, and many women when wearing more clothing can feel constrained by the same, if not entirely… Continue Reading

The secrets tips for depigmentation treatment

If you are concerned about the growing spots on the face and you are tired to try all kinds of home remedies and tricks and nothing happens, it may be time to think of a depigmentation treatment. Many of the… Continue Reading

How do you get a boil and how to treat it?

How do you get a boil

If this is the first time you have a boil or if you are not sure yet what this kind of grain that you have left in the skin and cause you pain, infoHeaps.com will help you to recognize and… Continue Reading

Very Easy tips to prevent blackheads or acne

Is it difficult to prevent the occurrence of black spots

Much has been said about how to remove and get rid of black spots or acne. However, although this is very useful, it is also good to take some precautions to prevent blackheads is to say that never appear in… Continue Reading

How to control blackheads

How to control blackheads

One of the most common skin problems and are easy to control so-called black spots, the accumulation of dead cells that tends to clog pores and results in the appearance of black spots on the skin, and also results in… Continue Reading

Underarm Skin lightening mask

Perhaps it is because the natural color of the skin, melanin is concentrated in areas like the armpits, it tends to darken, making you to feel uncomfortable with that color outside the natural skin tone. Don’t despair! There are some… Continue Reading