Risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease

No one should be exposed to the risk of being infected by a sexually transmitted disease or STD, but if you fall in this situation, or occurs if using protection, the condom has broken or is any situation as a… Continue Reading

Top 3 home treatment to get hydrated and shiny hair

home treatment using natural oils to dry and dull hair

When hair cries out for restoration and no time to go to the beauty parlor, it is best to search the natural products that can be used for this purpose. You will just need oil, spices, herbs and fruits as… Continue Reading

Exercises that help treat anorgasmia

The anorgasmia is a sexual problem that has a solution through sex therapy, psychotherapy focused, brief and symptomatic resolution and through them it makes the woman gives herself to the sexual experience without guilt or fear to evolve the sexual… Continue Reading

Tips about c section or cesarean section scar

Tips about c section and cesarean section scar

Caesareans operations are carried out as an alternative to vaginal birth, and current techniques allow doctors to remove the baby by cutting a few inches in the pelvic area, and placing the incision in the right place. However, the current… Continue Reading

Smoking and contraception: Precautions and Contraindications

The evolution of smoking in women is different from that of men. Women smoking started in developed countries just before the Second World War. However, significant sociological changes, as they were joining the workforce and the movement for emancipation and… Continue Reading

The benefits of breastfeeding to lose weight postpartum

The benefits of breastfeeding to lose weight postpartum

The benefits of physical and emotional breastfeeding are extensive for both mother and child and are even supported by scientific studies. But despite this, many women choose artificial feeding. Breastfeeding not only helps the baby’s intellectual development, but helps the… Continue Reading

How to renew your sex life with your life partner

Always the same day, at the same time and in the same place. Please, a little imagination ! If your sex life languishes because of the monotony, get to work, talk it over with your partner, change of attitude and… Continue Reading

Because they produce the famous hot flashes during menopause

The symptoms in the climacteric are not equal in all women. Most important is to recognize them and serve them on time, so nothing prevents enjoy this new stage of life. The heat, also known as “hot flashes” are the… Continue Reading

Herpes Simplex: transmission routes, symptoms and treatment

The herpes simplex is an infectious inflammatory disease characterized by skin lesions consisting of small vesicles grouped in clusters and surrounded by a red halo. It is caused by the virus herpes simplex, or herpes simplex virus, which affects the… Continue Reading