Healthy: Natural Rubber Boots

disposal of PVC is more problematic in comparison to natural rubber bootsNormal rubber boots are usually very harmful.

Rubber boots are great kicker for bad weather. Through mud and uneven terrain, through rainy days, through crappy Farms – rubber boots are useful companions. This is possible with high shaft and the rubber-like texture. But rubber is not the same rubber. The waterproof boots are often made from different materials, which cannot at first sight be easily distinguished from each other.

Natural raw rubber

Natural rubber is a naturally renewable resource, harvested eco-friendly and very durable.

Negative on the natural rubber is only slightly pungent odor, which sprayed the material on the first day. But extensive airing helps here. A slight odor will go away but never completely.

No PVC on the feet

However, PVC is a more harmful substance. Unfortunately it is used in most rubber boots. It looks like rubber but is a plastic that is produced from petroleum-based. These chemical substances occur but then over time from the “rubber” out in the form of gas and go as easily in the body where they cause great damage. These gases are harmful even in small quantities for the human body because they interfere with the hormones and can impair fertility.

PVC pollutes the environment heavily

The disposal of PVC is more problematic in comparison to natural rubber boots. Rubber boots are normally applied in the household by many consumers when they disposed or broken. This is not a crime, because many people do not know that it is the material of toxic PVC boots.


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