Hekla lava – help with heel spurs

Hekla Lava is a proven homeopathic remedy for bone diseases, which has proven itself in the painful heel spur special.

The 1491 meters high Mount Hekla is a famous Icelandic volcano in the northeast of Reykjavik. Strictly speaking, Hekla Lava no ash in the strict sense but called tephra, a light eruption silicate-containing material that binds a large amount of fluorides and because of its ease far from the volcano itself goes down. As a homeopathic remedy it has proved painful to wear and tear, inflammation, and when finger or toe joints. Even with heel pain, jaw bone loss or osteoporosis Hekla Lava is used. It also promotes the ingrowth of dental implants and helps with cysts in the jaw bone. The agent was quite by chance in the 19th Century by a British doctor discovered in Iceland.

Hekla lava - help with heel spurs

Help with heel spurs

In particular, the heel spur is Hekla lava, which is considered one of the less well-known homeopathic remedies prescribed by homeopaths like. Offers the hope of treatment with the volcanic ash remedy for this extremely painful bone change on the heel bone. At the heel there is a spike-like, bony spur that forms at the base of an overstressed tendon and the fascia of the foot. It causes sharp pain that will make every step a torture. Affected by the heel spurs are primarily overweight, weekend athletes or people with uncorrected foot deformity. Since the shock-absorbing fat pad under the foot shrinks with age, the phenomenon occurs in men and middle-aged women are particularly susceptible. At constant strain is thus formed the heel spur. With the help of volcanic ash, many patients after long and unsuccessful attempt other therapies have finally be able to help.

Further applications of the volcanic ash

Other diseases of the bones and periosteum can be treated with great Hekla lava, such as clinical experience showed. More in general, thickened and painful bones are often cured with a good success with the volcanic ash. It also helps to brittle fingernails and on legs and is a good remedy for swollen glands. What power is given in the frequency should be agreed in advance with an experienced homeopath. Before self-medication consult with urgently with an expert.


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