Herbal home remedy for weight loss

The herbal weight loss can yield big results. Obviously, it is always important to bring you the results. Trying some mixtures is not a bad idea, as this can complement their properties. In this home remedy, the protagonists are horsetail, chamomile and Boldo. The first, diuretic, the second digestion, the third, a great liver cleanser. Simply try it and see what results it gives you.


  • One liter of water
  • One tablespoon of horsetail
  • One tablespoon of Boldo
  • One tablespoon of chamomile
  • A spoonful of ginger grated
  • Permitted sweetener to taste


Put to boil a liter of water with the ponytail, boldo, chamomile and ginger. As soon as a boil, leave in that condition for five minutes. Turn off heat, let stand fifteen minutes and so you will already have this herbal remedy for weight loss ready to eat. Strain and sweeten, if desired.
Herbal home remedy for weight loss
Ideally, drink about three cups a day. Start by taking a fasting, continuing afternoon and once at night before going to sleep. As you saw, these ingredients will help you in every way: purifying your body, eliminating liquids retained their ability diuretic, giving digestive properties and stimulating the liver work.


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