Herbal treatment and natural products for pediculosis Body lice

Pediculosis is the name given to the disease caused by lice. These little pests are small insects, flattened, wingless, dermatological complications that occur in the scalp, hair and head. Lice state larva to nymph or adult louse in three weeks. They usually live about 30 days, during which time each female is capable of laying about 200 eggs.

Herbal treatment and natural products for pediculosis Body lice

The attack of any head lice are a problem to solve it rather annoying that requires a good treatment and consistency in the application. There are several formulas and natural ingredients to attack without risking your health.

Pediculosis remedies with natural products

Those little white dots are nits, and so difficult to remove that stick to the hair and they must be fought with the same intensity as lice.

A classic symptom to detect them, plus they are, has to do with the itch causing constant feeding because of blood through the scalp. They arrive there and inject a toxin that is irritating and anticoagulant, causing skin wounds of the head when one scratches.

Transmission, transmission and care

Contrary to popular belief, lice do not jump or fly. The only way of getting it is by contact of a person infected with this parasite, or with some of his personal items where the adult parasite (e.g.: Comb, brush, clothes, pillow, etc..). Lice are transferred to the head and/or the other person’s clothes, and infected health of others.

To treat the lice, several types of products are created by the pharmaceutical industry and possessing chemical poisons. To eradicate them effectively, you always need a comb (preferably metal and long bristles) and constant care (at least once a week at the most critical moment.)
Most importantly, never appeal to substances such as kerosene, insecticides veterinary products, etc. like ancient times because they can be harmful to health.

Home Remedies with Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the most used because it serves to dissolve the glue that holds the egg attached to hair and also prevents sticking. Mix with warm water, put in gently massaging hair from root to tip and leave it a few minutes with his head covered by a plastic cap. Then rinse the hair with shampoo and cream to remove the vinegar smell and passed the comb at length to remove nits.

It can be done at home or buy it directly, because many pharmacies and prepare. This is the classic mix of rubbing alcohol (96 degrees) with sour stick that once made should stand for at least 48 hrs in the bottle before use. Then go with cotton all over his head. This definitely kills lice.

Prepared with oils:
Add 4 drops of essential oils of eucalyptus to shampoo, rosemary and lavender other four. Mix well and then apply the mixture massaging the hair from root to tip. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash with water. These products make not catch lice on the head.

Just Natural Products:
The famous brand of natural cosmetics uses three of its products for head lice.
Place a small amount of thyme cream on the hair, leaving on for 20 minutes, then passed quickly comb looks fine as they come all dead lice.
Then sanitize the head with tea tree shampoo (it is bactericidal and prevents reinfection) and place a small amount of lavender oil (which acts as a repellent) in the neck, and ears.

Shampoo Capilatis:
Another mass market cosmetics brand that uses only natural products provides shampoo, conditioner and lotion with citrus essential oils to use daily. All are made with the stick as the base ingredient bitter and leave hair soft, shiny and healthy with a nice aroma.

Water boiled garlic and hair dyeing are also used to control head lice as the above recipes. It is important to always accompany with some tips and remedies: clean, vacuum and wash all parts that may contain lice (bed, toys, pillows, blankets, chairs, etc.) because insects live up to 48 hours outside the head.


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