High cholesterol in teenagers: Causes and Consequences

Some years ago certain diseases such as hypercholesterolemia, obesity, diabetes and hypertension were associated with adults. Today, unfortunately, this reality has changed more and more teens have these risk factors, especially high cholesterol. It is therefore very interesting to analyze the causes and consequences of this to happen.

Consequences of hypercholesterolemia in adolescence

When a child enters puberty there are many changes: hormonal, physical, behavioral, etc. These changes may result, directly or indirectly, effects on the organism causing hypercholesterolemia.

Causes of high cholesterol in teenagers

  • The advent of junk food, the snack, candy and trinkets of all kinds have dramatically changed the diet of adolescents. The teenagers of today, in many cases choose to eat, either because it is only at home or their parents are at work, or socially because they share food with friends, or because they try to cover some emotional holes with food. This can cause hypercholesterolemia, independent of body weight.
  • On the other hand, social networks have changed the way teens interact. Before his hours spent sharing with friends games, sports and recreational activities in which the body was involved. Today this reality has changed, you do not share any activity with the touch of a button can communicate with many friends at once, even distant ones. While this is extremely interesting and have nothing wrong, has meant spending long hours in front of the notebook, and worst of all eating. This can cause high levels of blood cholesterol.
  • Finally, the lethargy and apathy of adolescence a bit more complicated this situation, creating boredom that is often associated with eating too much fat and sugar, which can negatively influence on cholesterol.

While these causes are reversible, but act in time can cause consequences in the long term, they can get out of control.

Consequences of hypercholesterolemia in adolescence

  • Clogged arteries early ages. While prior cardiovascular disease were associated with elderly people, today these ages have been falling, and every day you can see more young people with ischemia, angina and heart attacks have the products of diseased arteries.
  • Hypertension: If the blood is high in cholesterol for a long time, the blood becomes thicker and can cause blood clots that cause disease as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA).
  • Diabetes: This process begins with a glucose intolerance, later if not treated in time becomes type 2 diabetes, due to depletion of the activity of certain cells of the pancreas. This is caused by the excessive consumption of sugars; the body does not metabolize properly, and causes insulin resistance together with a hypercholesterolemia.
  • Obesity: Excess consumption of foods high in calories, fat and sugar can cause hypercholesterolemia and obesity, which in turn can complicate cardiovascular health.

The causes may seem trivial or even irrelevant because they perform activities that most teenagers, but when the consequences are, health cracks and sometimes lost.

What today in the world of adolescence does not matter, in adulthood if they have it. It is therefore extremely important to play vital role on this issue by adults, and put limits on eating snacks frequently, or fast food, or being in front of the PC.


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