Holidays Tour: Travel Guide for best tourist spot in Sri Lanka

Guys, if you plan to spend your vacation the most memorable in an island of your dreams, you can select to go to Sri Lanka. Here’s a guide to where you should visit for an experience for a lifetime.
This tour will take you around the island and recommended places to visit while you spend your holidays in Sri Lanka.
1) Land at Katunayake International Airport.
2) Hire a taxi from the arrivals hall and went to Negombo where the sun shines and the sea is full of activities and you can get the best natural tan.
3) When finished leave the head in Anuradhapura, the city of heritage and culture. It’s where the ancient kingdoms were made and the country’s leaders lived. It’s a longest journey it will take 4 hour drive.
But to make the trip a little interesting, you can visit a world of Marvel on the way. Make a stop at Sigiriya to Dambulla where you will witness the best architecture and engineering of the ancient Sri Lanka.
4) Then you can visit the hill capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy. It’s nearly three hours on the road but the journey is worth it. Here you will experience an environment different from that of the previous two destinations that it is the ambient temperature around 20-22C sets. It’s the palace of the last king of Sri Lanka and the house of the Sacred Temple of the Tooth. It is suggested that you should visit Kandy in the month of August when the Kandy Perahera is held, then you can enjoy more.
5) To freshen up, make your journey above country, Nuwara Eliya the little England of Sri Lanka. Its flowers bloom, where many activities are held in April-August. The ambient temperature is around 10-15C or may be a bit lower. Watch horse racing, take a boat in the lake, play golf or simply enjoy a walk HAGGALA PARC.
It is also suggested that you stop on the way to look at the beautiful waterfalls and having an original sample of tea in tea factories. You know, Sri Lankan tea are one of the famous tea in the world.
6) Now you can have a little relax in safari, watching the wildlife of Sri Lanka, including many rare animals at Yala National Park. Time spent on the road to Nuwara Eliya about 4 hours. But the excitement and experience of wild animals in their natural habitat is breathtaking.
7) Now once again back to the beach. You can visit GALLE HIKKADUWA and capitals in the south of the island where you can enjoy time at the beach and also the opportunity to dive in coral areas.
Finally back in Colombo, the commercial capital of the country. Where its active nightlife is attracting guys like you and there are also many places to enjoy family outings, such as eating, movies, etc.
So, you can enjoy your stay in this country in full swing and return to your home in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.


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