Holistic care with Ayurveda Medicine

Ayurveda Medicine belongs to the branch of holistic therapies, the treatment that is concerned with preserving the human spirit, mind and body, speaking with remedies natural and spiritual. It is a very complex medical system which aims to improve and extend the life of the human being, and make it more in harmony with nature.

Ayurveda means precisely understanding human and it is an understanding that affects both the body and the soul, and the mind, the senses. And everything must be in balance: the man himself, man in his natural environment. In Ayurvedic medicine, in fact, the imbalance is synonymous with disease, and conversely, a perfect balance is synonymous with health. Based on three elements present in each individual, which combine in different ways always, are formulated Ayurvedic remedies, preparations which can be both animal and vegetable origin, and that the task of intervening not only on health, but also on behavioral attitudes.

Ayurveda means precisely understanding human and it is an understanding that affects both the body and the soul

Ayurvedic medicine aims at Four objectives: to prevent the diseases to which human can meet, engage in a constant care of the human body thus maintaining the best health status achieved as much as possible and prolong the life of humans. A good Ayurvedic doctor usually evaluated through the probing pulse the degree of imbalance of man even before they manifest discomfort or symptoms present precise. In this way you can prevent the onset of the disease and immediately provide specific information about the behavior to adopt.

Like any traditional medicine, Ayurvedic medicine also is able to intervene in different ways on different types of patients. The remedies suggested may in fact be used in the treatment of diseases and disorders very common as asthma, insomnia, psoriasis, headache, colitis, intestinal problems, skin diseases, but also to much more serious health problems: in some cases it is used in the fight against cancer.

The main instrument of care, is the massage, through which the body is affected by total relaxation: man finds his balance energy blocks are dissolved, and it yields energy and vigor. However, the massage is not always feasible: there can be submitted in febrile patients with intestinal problems or heart disease, in pregnant, or inflammation of the skin in progress.


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