Home appliance security systems for the utmost child safety

Home appliance security systems
When we create a home we want this to be a comfortable and, above all, safe home. The well-being of our family is at stake, so that avoiding any domestic accident becomes a priority. Prevention in these cases is vital and encompasses numerous measures, from placing fire fighting devices; plug the plugs if we have small children at home; Keep cleaning chemicals on tall furniture. There are many things we can do. In addition to those we have already listed, there is another one that is fundamental: having safe appliances and electronic devices.

Brands that think of children

Appliances or stoves can cause incidents since they are plugged into the electrical power. Here you have to keep in mind that older appliances are more likely to suffer a breakdown, as the security protocols of before were not as strict as those of now.

The first tip is to buy quality appliances from recognized brands. Not all manufacturers subject their devices to the same safety controls , some are more comprehensive than others. In addition, before buying a device, you can check the opinions that users leave on the web pages or on the networks to verify that there is no problem.

But a good trick to trust a brand is its maintenance or customer service and the years of warranty they offer. This gives us peace of mind because it is a sign that the brand is convinced that there will be no problem with the device and if there is one it will serve you in the best possible way.

But beyond the security system, the appliances are equipped with functions that provide extra security . We refer to the blocking function that some induction or ceramic hobs have like Bosch’s.

With it you will not be afraid that children will enter the kitchen without your presence and can turn on the plate without you noticing. We already know how the little ones are, real explorers … To avoid domestic accidents, you can easily block the plate when you don’t use it.

Most are locked by pressing a key button for four seconds. To activate this child safety the plate must always be turned off.

But in addition there are other accessories so that the children do not give us a fright and light the oven by themselves. They are blockers that are placed in the door so that the child cannot open it. They are quite cheap since they do not exceed 10 euros.

In any case there are ovens that have these functions incorporated and offer the possibility of blocking the door so that the children cannot open it when they are in operation. These ovens are also equipped with triple door to prevent heat from reaching the outside.

Special functions

If you have an old oven, you will know that you have to be careful not to pass your leg or hand through the door when it is in operation, because you can burn or feel more heat from the bill. With triple door ovens, the heat stays inside and we can calmly lay our hands without burning.

On the other hand, there are also accessories to lock the manual kitchen controls.

The induction hobs are also safer and more you avoid them a burn. These do not work with electrical resistance but with the strength of the magnetic fields in such a way that they only emit heat in contact with a container that has a ferromagnetic base . You can do the test, you will not burn.

If you put your hand on a lighted induction plate you will only notice a slight heat, unlike what happens with a hob where a simple touch causes a significant burn of those that require medical treatment. As you can see everything we have mentioned so far are small measures that are available to everyone. It will not take much time or money to put them into practice and with them you will gain security and live more quietly.


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