Home Clean Tips to Feel Comfortable

Do not neglect your house or your garden this holiday. Take note of our advice to have them always clean . Enjoy the healthier moments of your life before you feel sick.

Removes oil stains

The easiest way to end oil stains on clothing china is using soap, a product designed to eliminate fat of kitchen products and very useful too for clothes. Rubs the garment with soap and then gets to the washer. Farewell to smell of snuff at home. If you want to avoid the annoying smell snuff leaves after a meeting of friends, the best is to soak a sponge with cold water and let it sit in the room you want to vent all night. The next day the smell of snuff will be gone.

Against the odor in the fridge

If your refrigerator odors emerge enter therein a plate with a piece of bread or a bowl of coffee grounds and leave it resting for 48 hours. After two days, remove and re-enter renovating the bread or the dregs. The odor will disappear.

If you want to avoid the annoying smell snuff leaves after a meeting of friends

Beautify your frames

If you have gold frames and, over time, notes that have been losing shine, rub them with a cloth soaked in the juice of an onion that you have previously liquefied.

You will notice how recover all its glory.

Make your own homemade compost

To improve the soil in your garden then makes your own homemade compost in the easiest way. Simply mix leaves falling from trees, grass, ground coffee used, earth and a little water in one container.

Longer lasting bouquets

When your flowers acquire a somewhat languid, their stems immersed a few seconds in boiling water, cut them out immediately and replace the flowers in a vase full of water with a couple of “aspirin” dissolved in it. If you have aspirin on hand, dilute a few tablespoons of salt, sugar and other bleach in the water.


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