Home Exchange: What it is and How to do it?

Would you like to broaden your horizons traveling here and there to learn about the various wonders of the world but would like to make sure to save a lot of pennies? Have you ever heard of home exchange? It is a phenomenon that, especially in recent years has developed a lot. The guide below is some information about what it is and how to do it.

The home exchange is, as the name implies, to exchange the house with other people. It is a habit that can easily be taken if you decide to move house for some time with relatives and friends. How many times have friends and family in times that do not seek their second home (or even before, if something is missing for a while) give your home to your friends. In the case of “home exchange” people who can benefit from this type of mechanism can be completely unknown and, at the same time, the home exchange can be carried out not only in the same city in the same region or in the same country, but also in different countries or with people from completely different nationalities.

The home exchange is, as the name implies, to exchange the house with other people

Obviously there are a number of agencies, including online, which are involved in the home exchange. You simply enroll in one of these home exchange agencies, provide the required documentation, including photographs of your own home and with a detailed description, and the place where it is located both in how it is made. Once the registration is accepted, you will have to pay an annual fee (up to 100 USD per year) and you will be added to the database. At this point, you can begin to provide a period in which the house is free (if you plan to exchange house, of course, the period must coincide with people that swap home with you).

You can call yourself those who have offered the house for that period, or you may be contacted However, to ensure the reliability of these or those other people, you can simply read their “curriculum” reported on website of the same including feedback that describes the reliability of the member itself and the condition of the house that has provided.

It is obvious that everyone is responsible for what it offers and their behavior when he exchanges the house agencies are a great assumption to obtain certain guarantees.


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