Home made Styling gel, flawless hair for summer

At the time of combat unruly hair, many of you know that the styling cream and gel can be true partners of your beauty. So in this situation, you will love an old home-prepared remedy with a few ingredients at your fingertips will allow you to look perfect all the time.

home-prepared remedy for hair Styling gel

You will need:
5 tablespoons of flaxseed.
Half a liter of mineral water.

5 drops of vitamin E and 5 drops essential or fragrance at home, you may like the essence of jasmine and almonds which gives the hair a delicate scent but it is a choice.

To prepare flax seeds place together with the mineral water in a bowl to take over moderate heat until it begins to boil, you will notice as the water slowly begins to become thicker and sticky texture. After 10 minutes, let cool, add the fragrance and vitamin E, stirring carefully to integrate all the ingredients. You proceed to brew the preparation, apart from saving the seeds and gel obtained in a sterilized jar with lid.

This gel can be stored in the refrigerator for 10 days, and is perfect for women who require daily combing to give the desired shapes without resorting to conventional products on the market, preferring a more natural way. It has a long duration that can lead to the shiny hair throughout the day, protects and nourishes the hair, does not stain or leave any residue after use, as well as providing an unmatched shine to the hair, be sure to try and tell you appeared.


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