Home remedies for calluses on the feet – an overview

To get the easiest ways to naturally clean and gentle way and smooth legs, without resorting to harmful alkalis need. Basically to say that skin on the feet is not necessarily something harmful. It is a natural protection of the skin to protect the feet from chafing and blistering. With deformities of the foot (for example, the splay), formed more callus on the sole. But there are several simple home remedies for calluses on the feet that prevent unpleasant pressures in the shoes without damaging your feet so your feet do not have to hide in the summer.

Home remedies for calluses on the feet - an overview

“Conservative” home remedies for calluses on the feet

In the beginning you can try this old home remedy: one soaked his feet in a nice footbath one. To a tub with lukewarm water populating so that the feet are covered. Bathe your feet about a quarter of an hour, then dry them well. The excess hard skin with a pumice stone (can get in the drugstore) or a special rasp file. Then rub the feet as a special pampering with baby oil and put on cotton socks. For added effect, you can scrub the bath water and add sugar.

A tried and tested home remedies for calluses on the feet is a Hirschtalgsalbe (a mixture of soap and tallow) obtained at the pharmacy. As described above, take a foot bath for ten minutes, the feet dry thoroughly and then rub in the cream thoroughly. As alternatives to Hirschtalgsalbe , Arnica or calendula ointment can be used.

To get rid of the hard spots, another home remedy helps fight skin on the feet: Australian tea tree oil. Three to four times a day rub the hardened areas with tea tree oil.

Even faster is the softening of apple vinegar. The acetic acid causes the calluses are soft and come off even part of itself.

Another natural home remedies for calluses on the feet, is pure aloe vera juice from the health food store, which is rubbed on the bodies and softens hardened.


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