9 Useful Home Safety Tips To Make Your Home Safe For Children

When you have little children in home, it is necessary to review the safety management of your home because every corner is a hidden hazard. It is useful to bear in mind that the young children learn by exploring the environment around them and above all do not know the risks.

So here is a list of 9 useful Home Making Tips to secure the house:
1) The medicinal tablets are small, often colorful and similar to candy! Keep out of reach of the hands of children, it is a recklessness that you could pay dearly. Prepare a cabinet in the room or a place in the house that is high and out of reach of the child.

2) Pay attention to the stove in the kitchen! They are extremely affordable for hand! The fire is colorful and moves and, of course, the little ones do not know about burning. It is also necessary to provide the pots full of water or juice that bubbles can easily be grasped and reversed with dire consequences for face and eyes!

it is necessary to review the management and organization of the safety of your home

3) The scale great heights and generally attract children as a remarkable puzzle to be explored! Up and down can be a real danger from which you need to protect in order to prevent injuries and falls. Install security gates in the house where you want your child does not have access. Installing security gates are practical and do not damage the wall, once you no longer need, the gate can be removed without leaving unsightly holes in the walls.

4) Each edge of the furniture of the house is a dangerous and that can bang on the head of your children at any moment, especially when they begins to take their first steps and falls are frequent. Putting precious plastic protectors is a good idea.

5) The power outlets are everywhere and trigger the curiosity of the children because they are similar to little boxes in which stuffing their fingers! Even in this case, to avoid incurring serious consequences, protect each jack with the special para-socket: small plastic caps provided with rods which are threaded into the holes of the socket and can be removed only by an adult.

6) The iron and ironing are other dangerous objects from which the child is attracted. The cable hangs if the axis is a “carry handle” to which your child will cling definitely. To avoid this, be very careful where you store the hot iron and check that the cable is not just a baby!

7) Also, remember to pay attention to pets, even if they have never caused problems, dogs and cats are living beings endowed with exceptional intelligence, which makes them similar to humans in any reactions of jealousy. In addition, the child unwittingly, can hurt the beast, for example by holding it by the tail and shoving its fingers into his eyes. This could trigger violent reactions! Take special care and check the baby when it moves close to the animal.

8) It goes without saying that smoking cigarette is harmful in the strongest terms to the health of your child. If you just can not help it, be sure to smoke outside the home, not in any way generate smoke that your child can breathe. Read also: Smoking menopause forward 4 years and decreases fertility

9) The cleaning of the house is crucial: the baby crawls and breathes the dust and hands in contact with a dirt floor and not disinfected, are inevitably brought to the mouth. It is not necessary to protect your child under a glass bell, but always remember to use common sense. Read also: 10 inevitable household cleaning products

Switch the vacuum cleaner on a daily basis and ventilated the premises of your home daily, even in winter, rolling. To clean, a good disinfectant to be diluted into the bucket along with your usual detergent and if you can, remove your shoes and use slippers just enter the House!


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