10 inevitable household cleaning products

Thinking about how to clean home without wasting so much energy and money? Just use the natural and home-made products for both green cleaning and money savings.

The elimination of stains, dirt, bacteria is the prime objective of the household cleaning. The truth is that this task can take time and can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have the essential cleaning products.

different colored washcloths face cloths loofah and bathsponge

For this simple reason, we have collected a selection of 10 inevitable cleaners for green cleaning. Just collect these products and cleaning tools to make cleaning a home easier and greener.

1. Sponges

A small sponge can make a difference when cleaning. Whether to clean the bathroom and the kitchen sponge is a multipurpose tool that helps us to clean different surfaces more easily. You can use them as dishwashing detergent, remove stains, wash the tiles, or apply other cleaning products throughout the house: cleansers, disinfectants, liquid soap, etc. are indispensable item for the cleaning of the house.
household cleaning products Vinegar

2. Vinegar

Well, makes sure you wonder what the vinegar to clean in this listing. But, the fact is that vinegar is a fixture you are home tricks for household cleaning. Have vinegar on hand is one of the tips to clean the bathroom, since a solution of vinegar and water will always be effective for cleaning tiles or stop shining mirrors. It will help to remove stains, remove mushrooms and more.

household cleaning products Sodium hypochlorite or bleach

3. Sodium hypochlorite or bleach

Sodium hypochlorite, also known simply as bleach or chlorine is another must in this list. While it can also be used as a bleach, dissolved in water to remove stains on the linen, cleaning product is recognized as a disinfectant. Just a few drops of chlorine bleach to kill mold, bacteria and fungi or remove dirt. As a chemical, you should handle it with care because it can be irritating, and may even permanently damage clothing.

household cleaning products Glass Cleaner

4. Glass Cleaner

A window cleaner handle is the practical solution for washing glasses in a more comfortable and efficient way. There are special cleaners with a small sponge or pads included for dipping in water with detergent and then wash the glass with ease. Also you can find with extendable handles for cleaning tall glasses and not risk it on a chair.

household cleaning products Liquid detergent

5. Liquid detergent

I never tired of saying inevitable, but this product deserves it happen again. The liquid detergent is not only useful for clean dishes, pans, and all cooking utensils, but admits other uses. The truth is that liquid detergents degreasers are generally excellent: a good property that will help in cleaning various surfaces. You can even dilute it in water and vinegar to enhance cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces.

household cleaning products Stain remover

6. Stain remover

When you go to the supermarket to buy cleaning products, do not forget to take a stain. There are a variety of products. You can find them to different surfaces and materials in spray bottles or paste form for application with sponges. Without doubt, the first thing you will need when removing stains from carpets, sofas or other upholstery and clothing, of course.

household cleaning products Furniture Polish

7. Furniture Polish

Surely there is more of a wood surface in your house that needs cleaning or routine care. The wood furniture polish is a product that usually comes in a spray. Just put a little and then go over with a sponge or cloth fiber to keep the wood always clean and crisp.

household cleaning products Toilet brush

8. Toilet brush

This brush is irreplaceable when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. You always have it on hand to use regularly and help to prevent the formation or tartar stains on the bottom of the toilet. Bristles are usually made of plastic and are very economical, as well as preventing lidies with manual cleaning of the toilet, if you’re a little touchy.

household cleaning products Furniture Polish

9. Mop

The floor cleaning is a must. To do this, nothing better than using a mop or mop, microfiber bristle. They can come with special cells that help you twist the fibers when you wash the floor. It is also a very useful cleaning tool to remove dust from floors easily.

household cleaning products Rubber gloves

10. Rubber gloves

Hygiene and safety first. These tools should be with your household cleaning products, as they avoid direct contact with substances that can be irritating as well as protect against bacteria and help keep the skin healthier hands.

You should not wait any longer, notes and go get this list of essential cleaning products and be sure to share the post with your friends before going to store.


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