Interior decor: Pots with LED Light

pots with LED light

New technologies have a place of security in the modern decor, therefore, innovative products are the order of the day and mixed well with the decor as with elements of more traditional decor. Outdoor spaces are integrated into the home… Continue Reading

Interior decor ideas for office

Tips for decorating an office furniture layout

The office is the space of work and its distribution and decoration depends largely on the basis of the number of people working in it. There are a number of elements must be present in every office are: jobs, is… Continue Reading

Interior design and decorating ideas for the dining room

Interior design and decorating ideas for the dining room

The dining room is the room where the family share food, so it is a space of intimate socialization requires certain elements that provide a cozy, intimate and relaxed, to enjoy food in a good environment. For the elapsed time… Continue Reading

Design in furniture: Colorful modular furniture

furniture gallery type of furniture exclusive furniture

The modular furniture were fashionable a few years ago and in this 2012 it return with full force and renewed in terms of design and above all colorful. This is a type of furniture that serve both as comfortable seating… Continue Reading

How to Choose an interior designer

Choosing an interior designer

The interior designers abound from the day the aspect of home and charged him good distribution role. Formerly not put too much attention to design as important to feel comfortable in your home, but today many people hire interior designers… Continue Reading


Small Office Decorating Ideas to maximize space

Office to create unique interior decorating challenges because of all equipment and electronics that companies use on a daily basis. My office is located in a very small commercial space, so it was difficult to conceive. There are some decorating… Continue Reading

Gypsum plaster process: Tips from Professional Interior Designer

Gypsum plaster process - Tips from a pro

Gypsum plaster process is inexpensive and relatively easy, in addition, also created a good climate. If you want to process in its interior plaster, you have to make sure first that you have a dry, smooth and absorbent surfaces. After… Continue Reading