How can I get white teeth: Tips and Tricks

Many wonder, How can I get white teeth? Just by smoking, tea or coffee, betel leaf will stain the teeth a dark and this is worse over the years.

White teeth are as a ideal beauty, because they make her smile beaming?. There are several ways to get your teeth whitened. Home remedies are generally friendly, gentle and bring some additional benefits.

How can I get white teeth Tips and Tricks

How can I get white teeth? – Go to the dentist

One of the safest but also most expensive methods for white teeth, a visit to the dentist. This has professional agent for bleaching and cleaning. The chemical substance is hydrogen peroxide used to bleach the hair, but the treatment is not cheap and not covered by health insurance costs.

The teeth can be whitened by strips which are available in drugstores and are bonded to the teeth. Also available is a gel that is placed in a splint and put a brace on the teeth. These funds are not always as reliable, but a lot cheaper.

There are special toothpastes for whitening the teeth. These contain abrasives that will deliver a whiter result. Here, however, remember that even the tooth enamel is worn down teeth and can react more sensitive to cold or heat. Namely the question should be: How can I get white teeth without damaging them?

How can I get white teeth? – Use home remedies

Anyone who wonders how I can get white teeth, give the toothbrush cooking salt three times a month. However, this has a serious influence on the tooth enamel, because the grinding is even greater. In addition, the taste is not very pleasant.

Baking powder can also be used to bleach the teeth. This is dissolved in water and then the mouth can be rinsed with it. The powder can also be applied once or twice a month on the toothbrush.


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