How can you get rid of ants

Ants are one of the most common pests that can threaten your beautiful garden. They are a very organized social group and therefore if an ant in your garden is likely to be thousands, because they are all working together.

how can you get rid of ants

In this situation, the first attempt is to use ant venom but the downside is that although the ants die, that also make plantations and flowers death. Therefore, it is best to use some techniques to eradicate completely clean the ants. What are these?

There are many alternatives that are not at all destructive to other species and themselves are effective in fighting the ants in the garden. One trick is to boil walnut leaves in water and pour it on the garden. That kills the ants and not harms other plants and flowers in the garden.

Another technique is to bury a piece of raw fish under the earth. The smell and stench of that completely repels the ants making keep them out of your garden.

The third trick: boil lavender leaves in water and places it in a cooking spray and applies it on the ants. It is a quick and effective functioning to completely eliminate ants from the garden. Aromatic plants keep the ants away. The mint, rue, rosemary and bay leaves, among others. One of these is lavender, as mentioned, but you can also cultivate wormwood, it is a great repelling ants. If you plant these species in your garden, there will have no ants in it, but that possibility cannot  hurt wormwood and lavender, place in a spray bottle and apply it on the plants attacked by these little soldiers.

The fourth trick is recommended and used by grandmothers that are to plant a clove of garlic in the ground, this is useful as an ant repellent. This is the preferred method when it comes to repel ants pot plants.

If ants attack has already surpassed all limits unimaginable and it is too late to apply non-toxic, it’s time to think of some ant venom, however you have to look good as place because otherwise you may end up hurting the plants. The poison should be put over the mouth of the nest. You must place this poison several times especially if the garden is large. It also helps put poison for ants along the path that typically perform.

Eliminate ants is not an impossible task, requiring patience and perseverance but you can see the good effects in the short and long term.


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