Asthma symptoms and treatment of pregnant women

The Asthma is the common chronic respiratory disease in pregnant women, it is vital to get control to prevent damage to the mother or baby.

Asthma is the common chronic respiratory disease in pregnant women

Asthma suffer from 3 to 6 percent of the population and is characterized by the obstruction of the small bronchi generalized resulting respiratory difficulty. It is caused by a chronic inflammation of the airways in patients with genetic predisposition. This obstruction may be mild or severe, threatening the patient’s life.

Much of pregnant patients can breathe easily, making a treatment suitable for asthma, leading a normal pregnancy and having a healthy baby. The asthmatic patients who became pregnant should continue treatment for asthma. Discontinue medication abruptly can lead to increased bronchial hyper-responsiveness and asthma attacks cause potential harm to the baby and themselves.

How can you get asthma during pregnancy?

One third of the patients who become pregnant asthmatic problems improve their asthma symptoms, one third is at the same level and third is aggravated asthma usually behave similarly in subsequent pregnancies.

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In those women that asthma worsens hopefully more crisis especially between 17 and 24 weeks, being lower in the last month. Generally during labor does not worsen asthma.

What are the risks of poorly controlled asthma during pregnancy?

In relation to non-asthmatic women, poor management of asthma is related to premature birth, low birth weight, the greater number of caesarean sections and hypertension in the mother. A well-managed asthma substantially reduce these risks.


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