How do you lose weight with Smart foods

If you want to lose weight quickly without suffering hunger and distress by having your daily normal diet, just incorporate certain foods into your regular menu which themselves aid in weight loss. But do not forget to combine it with regular exercise that is essential for modeling the body go as you lose those extra kilos. It is impossible to lose weight if you keep eating lots of high calorie foods; therefore you have to make dramatic changes in your eating plan including these 6 smart foods options for rapid weight loss.

These foods help your body to break down existing fat stores, the antioxidants and vitamins ensure the smooth functioning of the metabolism and digestive system.

Choose healthier, delicious and low calories foods in the list:

Grilled green peppers
If you love grilled vegetables, it is time to incorporate these sandwiches into your weight loss plan. A portion of green peppers not more than 4 calories therefore a saucer weapon turkey breast or other vegetables more intelligent this vegetable.
Smart foods help you lose weight
Cherry tomatoes
1 cup cherry tomatoes has only 30 calories, so you can supplement your major meals with this vitamins rich ingredient.

Roll sushi rice
Experiment with new recipes to get used to a restrictive diet plan calories but very versatile.
A roll of sushi rice contains only 28 calories, so you can consume up to 5 pieces of this delicious snack without feeling any guilt.

Broccoli Crepes
A meal full of vitamins and fiber that soothes hunger. A portion of crepe brócolino contains more than 80 calories and helps prevent cravings, plus the amount of vitamins improve the digestive system.

Scallion sauce
You can create a delicious snack by combining carrots or celery with this low calorie sauce. One tablespoon onion sauce has only 25 calories, so enjoy the delicious aromas that gives meals, both red and white meat or just vegetables.

You can also make cream of celery or other vegetables with chives to flavor foods without adding extras calories.


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