How long should the mother wait to have another baby?

From the standpoint of health, it is recommended to wait for the mother’s body recover from pregnancy and childbirth to have another baby. Exclusive breastfeeding and demand, pregnancies spaced 2 or 3 years. Artificial feeding or mixed feeding (breast and bottle or breast and papilla) requires the use of more effective contraceptive methods. But for the upbringing of children, some parents prefer to have them followed and others not.

How long should the mother wait to have another baby?

Health of the mother

It is considered desirable and necessary that the mother’s body has a recovery period after pregnancy and childbirth to better face the arrival of a new child. Thus, nature has provided that breastfeeding is a natural method of spacing.

In most cases, exclusive breastfeeding and demand leads to a range of children of 2-3 years. Breast feeding allows the mother to “save” iron, as it has no periods, and calcium (it is absorbed when nursing), so this is another support to the mother.

When breastfeeding is artificial or when using mixed feeding (breast and bottle or breast and purees or mashed), is recommended to use another contraceptive method for a similar period (2-3 years). If another pregnancy occurs before the recommended period, it is also possible that the mother received iron supplements, calcium and vitamins. The care required by the baby during the first two years make it hard pregnant again at that time . If the mother is strong and healthy, if you watch your diet and especially if it receives sufficient domestic help, there will be difficulties.

For parenting

Some families find it easier to raise two babies very often to “start over” when the first is already independent. Others prefer to take things slowly and wait 2-4 years between a baby and another.

An interval too long, over 6 years, including two children, leads to the two are almost as “only children” because they can not share games and activities (at least the first year).

There is no age where it can be safe from jealousy. Some children have them, others not. Some are acted shortly after the baby is born, others do it later.


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