How low the temperature should be in the freezer?

Energy saving stop when does not buying an energy-saving device, but it goes the right temperature in the freezer even further.

How low the temperature should be in the freezer
Nowadays, a freezer in almost every household equipment. Although these devices are offered in more and more energy efficient models, they can still be very fast for an essential household appliance power hogs. Reasons for this are, firstly, the continuous operation of these devices and the other one often incorrectly set temperature in the freezer. Here are a few tips on how to use a freezer more efficiently.

About the temperature you control most of the energy consumption of a freezer compartment. Few people know that already enough a temperature of minus 18 degrees to freeze foods and make them durable.
If the freezer is set at a lower temperature, so the energy consumption of the device increases disproportionately. For example, a permanent reduction in temperature of 2 degrees brings with it an energy consumption that is 10 percent higher than originally. This increase is reflected, of course, also reflected in the operating costs.
By the way, in a refrigerator ranging from five to seven degrees completely to keep food fresh. Many of these modern devices are equipped with a thermometer, with which one can easily detect if the food freeze beautifully before him, or whether they are in danger of freezing to death.

Proceed with a system that saves time and money

Because a freezer is available around the clock and is in an extreme case opened several times a day, it is also important to proceed with the system. This has the background that you can not only open the door of the freezer and then must search for the desired food to begin.
One has given his freezer for a specific system, the door remains open much less to stand in the freezer and the temperature can not drop that far. If the door remains open too long, the temperature in the refrigerator and the cooling unit must be cooled below current crushing capacity inside the freezer again.
In general, for a freezer to make sure that it will open as few and as short as possible to keep the temperature in the freezer constantly low. Then the temperature is still set correctly, you need to have no fear, a current eating freezer to have at home.


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