How often do you clean your fridge?

We open and close the fridge many times throughout the day, but we do not notice it too much when we clean the house. But it is more important than we think, to avoid contaminating food and keeping our food fresh and in good condition at all times. In addition to taking into account some important details such as not filling it too much, so that it always maintains the proper temperature and does not have to make an effort. A company specialized in home cleaning can take care of this task, if you do not have time.

How often do you clean your fridge in depth?

The refrigerator, after the toilet, can become the most contaminated place in a house if it is not kept clean, because it comes in contact with many types of food and its bacteria. For example, liquids that can spill from fish or shellfish that can contaminate the bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila or milk, cheese or sausages can contaminate the listeria. If you do not have time to clean, you can always rely on a specialized home cleaning company to take care of these tasks.

Practical tips

Today we want to explain the best way to clean your fridge, so you can have a clean and hygienic place where you store your food, with total safety for your health. You should use natural or very neutral products such as water and soap, so that it does not generate a bad smell or remains that may touch the food. For example, mix warm water with a little lemon juice and spray it. A professional home cleaning company can help you do a thorough cleaning.

Then you can pass a cloth with water to clean each compartment of your refrigerator

  • It is advisable to carry out a deep cleaning once a year. If you do it once a year we recommend that you unplug the refrigerator and let the freezer drain all the water that holds in the form of frost.
  • For a better cleaning it is better to remove and remove each compartment to wash it in your sink and let it dry later, before putting it back on. It is important that they dry well so that they do not form frost.
  • When you have your empty fridge, the best thing you can do is to set it aside and take advantage of it to sweep and vacuum that space that has accumulated so much dust.
  • Make a review of all the food you have stored to see if one is expired. Take the opportunity to give a place to each food. You can choose one drawer for the meat another for the fish and another for fruits and vegetables.

In addition to the refrigerator, there are other places in our home that require more time to clean them in depth, such as the oven, the glass, the extractor hood, etc. In this way, if you do not want to spend that time cleaning, you can always count on the help of a home cleaning company to do it for you.


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