How to Assemble PC parts – some tips you should care it

By assembling the PC, the computer can be precisely adjusted to the requirements that you want. It can not be equal to any PC computer. While it takes a lot of server memory and redundant hard drives, a gaming PC must have a good performance and a good 3-D graphics card. For photo editing you do not need 3-D card, but a lot of RAM and processor power. Depending on the software it is useful to set a single-core, dual-or quad-core processor. Since all interfaces are standardized internationally, it is easy to assemble a PC in pieces.

how to assemble pc parts some tips you should care it

PC parts to assemble – Selection of components

The parts of the PC are: CPU, motherboard, RAM, hard drive, disc drive, power supply and case. A monitor, keyboard, mouse, webcam and similar components are indeed necessary for the operation of the computer, it is called accessories not parts.

In order to improve computer performance, there are the most important components of processor and RAM memory, motherboard and hard drive, however, must keep pace with the speed.

For a gaming PC, you need a good addition of 3-D graphics card. The case contributes to the appearance of the computer, but does not affect the performance, as does the power supply no power gains, this only requires that the power consumption of all components to be adjusted.

The actual assembly of the PC is very easy for anyone with little technical skill, relatively simple. To keep cool the processor, perfect cooler must be the used and it must be tightly screwed in place. If you do not use thermal compound or should not provide sufficient spaces between the processor and heatsink, you can cause damage to the processor.

When installing the RAM memory module be careful it adjusted with the slot. Incorrect insertion of the RAM module will not start your system. Fit the hard drive and disc drive cable with appropriate polarity.

Once you have assembled the key components, you must ensure that all components were connected to the power supply, only CPU, RAM and some video cards demand electricity over the motherboard.

Before closing you should make sure that all components are firmly screwed in place and no wires are pinched. Assemble the PC in pieces is therefore not so difficult. Isn’t it?


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