How To Avoid Couple Crisis And Make The Relationship Stronger

In some instances the life and relationship, seem unable to agree or at least some things, that way the arguments and fights are a constant. Because of this situation the couple falls in deep crisis.

However, before they announced the end to occur and the relationship is broken completely, it is possible to implement some measures that could potentially improve this linkage worn and smooth things over.

The routine is the great enemy of the relationship. Instead of taking for granted the presence of your partner in your daily life

In these cases, avoid repetition and saturated with the same subject. If you spot something that bothers your partner it is best to put it bluntly and forcefully, making very clear what to expect, but calmly and without even raising his voice. It is much more likely to listen to your partner, if you do instead to repeat the litany of complaints daily.

The routine is the great enemy of the relationship. Instead of taking for granted the presence of your partner in your daily life, try to think of him as an honored guest, at least a couple of days a week, with special moments shared.

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Patience and Tolerance

Patience and tolerance is the key for being happiness in the conjugal life. Do not waste energy on correcting the trivial details (that maybe) you can learn them to live together. It is better to save energy for using issues that are really important and worthwhile.

It is important to highlight the good, and not just the bad. So remind your partner every so often the reasons that made you fall in love. It is also a good reminder for you to be clear about why you are there.

The worst is the passive aggressiveness. That translates to show with your whole attitude focus that you are angry, but when you ask what is going wrong, the answer is “nothing.” Do not expect another guess your feelings: positive and negative must be reported on an ongoing basis, but in a climate of harmonious dialogue.

The basis of assertive communication is learning to find ways of saying things. So if you take a claim, combine it with a compliment that is to present the bad thing in positive manner. For example, “I feel very good… but…” and your partner will be more receptive than if you simply throw the complaint.

A clear advice, simple but effective

You must think what is most important to you: If you are happy and being right, you must learn to give for achieving something. And even when you may know you are right, you must learn to negotiate and tolerate some things partly to reach agreements. Your ultimate goal should be to have a healthy relationship, not just your partner listen to you all.


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