How to avoid spring allergies

Springtime allergies become more persistent because it is the season of the year in which the plants are in full of flower and occurs pollination, pollen and mites in the atmosphere increases significantly.


Any sign of allergy symptoms the first thing you should do is go to the doctor to see if you are allergic to pollen and dust mites. If it is determined that you are allergic to any of the two elements mentioned above should be prevented and nothing better to use natural remedies that take years to be very effective to cope with allergies.

How to avoid spring allergies

One of the most appropriate remedy is to get high defenses to spring, take a few simple remedies that can be found in fruits and tea you consume throughout the year. Among them are located the orange juice, green tea or herbal teas such as mullein or eucalyptus.


The intake of vegetables and fruits, at least 5 servings a day, will be of great help to your defenses against allergies in full conditions, trace elements such as selenium and zinc help us cope with your allergies.


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