How to avoid staining the oven: Take care of different trays

Surely you are already aware of how cumbersome it is to clean the oven. It seems as if a greater enjoyment of the prepared menu more and more stains your oven. But never doubt that it does not have to be that way. Prepare your menu in the best conditions before putting it in the oven.

how to avoid staining the oven

Be careful what you put in the trays

The oven has the virtue of transforming everything into a delicacy. The question is to provide your food with the best space to achieve the same result, as attractive and appealing as only an oven can achieve it .
Much of the trick to achieving that ideal of zero dirt lies in the use of the oven trays. In addition to the well-known tricks of baking paper for the base of the trays, you have to know what each tray is for. Namely:

Flat trays: They are ideal for desserts , be they bicolored in their mold, flat cookies, muffins or even bread, if you dare to try to make your own bread with artisan taste. With these flat trays allow easy access to the elements cooked, in case you have to readjust halfway through baking. And besides, since they do not usually (or should not) cook fresh meat or fish on it, there will be no spatters or spots.

Deep trays: When you get to work with a great roast of meat or fish you have to always have this type of deeper trays. You will achieve two things: you will offer a first anti-drip and splash defense , while making sure you keep the juice of the cooked food to serve the diners with the ideal taste of the delicious broth.

Grill trays: We always have it there, halfway up. We suspect that it must have some interesting function, but we usually relegate it to total inaction. These grid trays allow the arrival of heat to absolutely all parts of the food it supports . A piece of meat of great value, made in this grill, with the deep tray in the level below to collect the broth, will conquer any diner. Of course, it also comes in handy for smaller baked goods in which that general toasting, such as that of a pizza, is sought.

Steam baking trays: Brands like the one I show you in this link , already offer ovens with steam function. In this type of ovens you find porous trays in the base for a complete exposure of the food with steam.

It never hurts to make this reminder. But there is one more detail about the trays that it is necessary to review for the best cooked and least stained. The optimization of the trays. All that is not to occupy the space of the trays in a logical way, without the piece protruding and without superimposing some pieces on others, will end up affecting the result of the baking and the possible spots of drips, spatters and others. Occupy the spaces of the trays with expertise.

Cooking without staining is possible

Earlier I spoke very lightly about the use of paper for the oven , that temporary assistant who anticipates possible stains and protects the trays completely. The arrival of this paper to all our houses became a holy hand to bake with tranquility. While we see how the meat, fish or potatoes are browning and exuding, we think of the piece of paper we have put under so that nothing is stained.

But of course nothing is perfect. If you think rubbing is over with paper, you’re wrong. Either you have a furnace with some efficient self-cleaning system, or you will have to give it a little touch.

The natural cleaning remedies are highly recommended for the oven , as that cavity made to extract food, the better the less chemical agent enters. Lemon sprinkled on a cloth and applied to walls of the oven when it is still slightly hot can drag recent dirt.

If the oven takes longer without being cleaned, the baking soda mixed with water to get a paste, and applied 8 hours on the oven will become a perfect cleaning agent that will allow you after an easy drag of the dirt.


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