How to avoid white marks on summer

It is normal during the summer to sun exposure, bathing suits, whether bikinis or trikinis entire Mayan, it leave white marks on protected areas, and many women when wearing more clothing can feel constrained by the same, if not entirely aesthetically look good. How to avoid? We give below some hints and tips that will surely be helpful, take note.

How to avoid white marks on summer

For general rules, most people use sunscreens and sun cream, but when you are on the beach, field or pool, and these areas have not tan are at serious risk of absorbing harmful rays of the sun, beyond of them look white and not very aesthetic to change clothes, the skin may be damaged.

How to avoid white marks and protect the skin and tanning

Surely in many summers have noticed that in addition to the swimwear brands, when you are exposed to the sun, so does the tan hue, because you wear a blouse, a skirt of a particular length, a Bermuda and even marked up strips shoes. To avoid just that tanning be grain and not even, the best advice is to place always, absolutely always, a good sunscreen. Even when you are not sunbathing or swimming suit, it is necessary to strengthen protection in certain body areas, such as face, neck, hands, legs, feet, and arms. On the market a wide number of moisturizing products either for skin care, especially of the face and lips that come with sun protection factor, in addition to taking care of your skin, which do avoid white marks so little desire.

Tips to avoid white marks

It is known that if you do outdoor chores, one way or another, put the clothes to be marked, and consequently end up ruining your tan. To avoid this, it is recommended that do not always use the same garment, various necklines, one day you can take a round neckline, one a V-neck, one with bare shoulders, etc. The same goes for the bottom of the wardrobe, and feet. If one day you wear a thong sandals, the day prefer a shoe that does not cover areas that are too exposed to the sun, this way you avoid the emergence of private labels and intensified with the passing of summer days.

Keep in mind that if you take 15 minutes of sun daily, with a bathing suit that does not cover areas too like you wear in summer, this will help you match your tan and keep it much longer.


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