How to block May 2019 Update for Windows 10

Windows 10 May 2019

Since the first version of Windows 10 was released back in the summer of 2015, several problems have been presented to Microsoft itself related to the most powerful operating system launched by the firm of Redmond.

As time has gone by, the company has been able to overcome the almost inevitable failures and problems that have been encountered, it is also true that thanks to the reports of the users themselves, in some cases, or to the collaboration of your Insiders . With everything and with it, one of the big handicaps faced by this software giant in what refers to Windows 10 , is everything related to the constant updates sent to compatible devices , whether cumulative or characteristics.

And we must bear in mind that these elements to which we refer are of extreme importance for the system itself, whether for security or functionality, but over the years there are many users who have encountered problems, and either in the download or in the installation of these updates. Although these errors have been occurring, to a greater or lesser extent, in many of the updates and security patches sent to computers with Windows 10, perhaps the most serious case has been seen with the last major update of the system, October 2018 Update or version 1809 of Windows 10.

That is why at this time many users are fearing the arrival of the next version of the operating system that will occur in just a few weeks, we refer to the May 2019 Update , all this despite the precautions that we imagine is taking Microsoft so that October 2018’s thing does not happen again. To begin with, it has already delayed its official presentation to correct some last-minute problems detected, while in 1903 it is falling, the firm has decided to modify its policy of delivery of updates through Windows Update .

Well, as we commented, the official arrival to all compatible computers of Windows 10 May 2019 Update , is just around the corner, since the signature itself was dropped that this is something that will occur at the end of the month of May , that is, in just a few weeks, at least that is the initial forecast.

Updates to Windows 10, one of Microsoft’s biggest concerns

Of course, at the same time they wanted to make clear that contrary to what happened in the past with other releases of this same type, the update referred to will be arriving at the PC at a slower pace, since those of Redmond pretend to be able to detect the almost inevitable problems that appear in the new version as soon as possible, and thus solve them before they reach a significant number of devices.

As the developer of the system has let us know , its objective is to detect possible important problems quickly in order to put a solution before these extend. For this they are working on an intelligent deployment model to better differentiate the devices that will have a good update experience, which will avoid many dislikes like those that occurred in the past in this same sense. That is, you want to avoid by all means that what happened with the 1809 version of the system, again repeated with the 1903 , as it even erased personal data from the affected users’ computers, which is quite worrisome .

Therefore and considering all this, it is not surprising that some users are looking for ways to delay the arrival of this new update to their computers , at least until the initial problems that may be detected, are solved by Microsoft , so then we will see how to carry out these tasks.

Blocks or postpone the arrival of the May 2019 Update update of Windows 10

Windows Update configuration

In the first place, in the case that we are working with the Windows 10 Home version, what we can do if we want to block the arrival of the new version of the system, is to access the “Configuration” function of the system from the key combination “Win + I“. Once in this section, we locate ourselves in “Network and Internet / Ethernet“, where we click on our local network and activate the controller called “Set as measured usage connection“.

With this change what we achieved is that our Internet connection is not used to download large updates of features in Windows 10, so when configuring this way all our networks , whether Ethernet or WiFi, the device will no longer receive the May 2019. On the other hand, in the event that we are currently using Windows 10 Pro on our PC, we can postpone the updates directly from the Windows Update configuration window.

So, what we will do is to reopen the “Configuration” section as we have shown you previously, and place ourselves in “Update and security / Windows Update / Advanced options“, so this is where we have already implemented an option that it will allow us to postpone the arrival of the new version of Windows 10 for a certain number of days, up to a maximum of 365, that is, for a whole year.

Although this is something that can also be carried out from the editor of the group policies in this Pro version of the system, functionality that we initiate through the command “gpedit.msc” that we write in the dialog box of the Start menu. Once here we are in the path “Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Update / Windows Update for companies“, so from here we will have the possibility to enable the corresponding policy, which allows us to block the new update for up to 16 months.

Surely these methods will be of great help to all those who want to wait a bit before updating Windows 10 to the new version May 2019 Update in order to avoid possible initial problems that are detected in it.


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