How to buy new and quality tires

With the financing system to pay for tires in installments you will have the possibility of doing it according to your payment

As we all know, the tire is the element of our vehicle that has more relevance when it comes to ensuring safety and comfort during journeys, it is the tool that keeps us on the road, which prevents us from skidding and getting out of it with the seriousness that this can produce in us or in our loved ones.

But now, it is possible to buy tires in instalments, with which we have the option to buy good brands and fresh out of the factory avoiding putting at risk those who make use of our private vehicle. If you want to know 3 decisive factors to buy a tire in instalments, you just have to keep reading.

3 key factors to buy a tire in instalments

Audi vehicle wheel

Sometimes the lack of economic liquidity leads us to make the mistake of buying second-hand tires that do not provide us with the security and tranquility necessary for our journeys. With the possibility of buying them in instalments, this problem disappears, this being the main factor and the most recurrent by customers to buy quality tires to avoid having to gamble on the road.

With the financing system to pay for tires in instalments will have the possibility of doing it according to your payment options so that you do not see yourself suffocated every month with a new letter. You can choose the model that suits you in a period between 3 and 12 months.

In addition, before choosing the tire you can perform the calculations online, depending on the brand and the model of tire you choose, so you will have a clear idea of ??which tires and monthly payments you can buy. In several online store, you can choose the brand you prefer at the best price in the market, so what you will have to pay each month will be much more affordable than in any other company of the competition.

Which tire to choose for our vehicle: vehicle wheel on land

Once we know that we can easily buy any type of tire , we must have the necessary knowledge to know which one we have to acquire.

In this sense, we have to ask ourselves what is the use that is going to be given to the vehicle , what kind of roads will it frequent, what is the climate that it will have to endure; If it’s going to be dry, wet or snowy …

Although by default we can use the tires recommended by the car manufacturer, that is, those that come standard, this is not the only option. If we want to do our part and increase safety in driving we can change them at our choice, and to do it well, we must identify the code that appears on the sides of the tires.

In this place you can see a series of three numbers and two letters whose meaning we must know and which is the following; the first number is indicating the width of the wheel in millimeters, the second the relationship between the height and the width of the profile of the wheel , then there will come a letter, which refers to the structure that has the tire, the following it will be another number that will inform us about the inner diameter of the wheel in inches and, finally, we will find one more letter that is a security code, from which we can check its equivalence in any table of speed codes.

Rear wheel of parked car

In broad strokes and in relation to the type of dominant climate we can choose between three types of tires ; the summer, the winter and the mixed, since each will keep its own characteristics and particular that make it more feasible for each type of climate, and will be basically referred to the width, diameter and structure of drawing of the tire.

Another factor to take into account to make this choice is the driver’s usual way of driving, if we are used to driving in a sporty way, we will have to take tires with more grip and stability, for example.

To know when to change the tire , when it is not clearly known as when we suffer a puncture or excessive wear, we must pay attention to the depth of the borders (if the wheels are in good condition) that should be between the 8 and 8.5 millimeters.

You have to measure the depth of the drawings of the wheel, as well as its sides, which do not suffer a marked wear. In any case and as a last advice , if the tires have passed the age of 5 years, it is necessary to review them thoroughly at least once a year, and if they exceed ten we do not even have to consider it, we must change them urgently.


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