How to call with a hidden number in any operator

Privacy has become almost impossible today, but surely you have ever thought about making a call avoiding that your number is registered in the receiving terminal. The way of doing it has changed in recent times. It is still a relatively simple task, but not everyone knows how to do it.

Maybe you want to call someone but they don’t know where you’re calling from, or it’s a company or service that you don’t want to give your phone number to. Or even simpler, you just want to play a phone prank without getting caught. In this article we will explain how to call with a hidden number, both on iPhone and Android , regardless of the operator you have contracted.

Also keep in mind that some companies or people may have restricted calls from hidden numbers

Details to be considered

Making a call with a hidden number does not mean that we have impunity to carry out any type of action through a phone call. The recipient’s telephone company will know what number it is , so if, in case of committing any illegal action, the judge may order the company to reveal said telephone number.

Calls with a hidden number will also not work in case of calls to the emergency services or the police. In all these cases the number will be identified by the receiver of the call . In some cases these calls will simply not be possible since some people or companies manually block the reception of calls with hidden numbers, so they will not directly know that they have been called.

Promptly hide the number on Android or iPhone

If we only want to hide our number for a specific call , all we have to do is add the prefix #31# to the number we want to call. Let’s give an example if you want to call a 999333999 we will have to dial #31#999333999.

Not in all countries or operators is the same prefix, in some the prefix changes to * 31 #, so it would be advisable to try it first by calling yourself if you have another phone, or with someone close to you.

Hide your number on iPhone for all calls

The previous method is simple but there are other options that are better if what we want is to use it a lot. If we have an iPhone and we want to hide each and every one of our calls, the process is simple.

What we must do is enter “Settings” and go to “Telephone” , within these options we look for the “Show caller ID” , we just have to disable this option. From now on all your calls will be hiding the id (your number).

It may be that these options do not appear available to us, that is because some operators come with this blocked by default . In these cases the solution is to contact them to ask them to unlock the line to let you configure it to your liking. It will have no cost.

Hide your number on Android for all calls

The method can vary according to the version of Android that we have in our terminal , it can also vary between layers.

As we have previously commented, we will have to hide the caller ID as we have already explained with the iPhone. We must open the phone app on our Android terminal, and tap on the three points that we will find at one end, to access the settings.

The next step may vary depending on Android version. We will look for something similar to “Call settings” and enter “Additional settings” . We will look for the option “Show caller ID” or mark the option “Hidden number” if our terminal has it.

From this moment on, all our calls will be hidden from the receiver of the same, if we want to deactivate it, we return to this setting and change it. In some cases the option may appear inaccessible in gray , this is because the company does not allow it, so we will have to contact them to fix it.

How to hide our number on a landline phone

Although it is an endangered species, many people still use the landline phone at home, it seems useless today, but many people turn off their mobile phones as soon as they get home, either to disconnect or simply because also use for work. In this way, the landline remains as something more personal and intimate that we share only with those who really matter.

We can hide our landline number in a very simple way, for this the only thing we must do is dial the prefix 067 before any phone number , for example if we want to call 999666999 we will have to dial 067999666999 . The call recipient will receive a call as Unknown or Hidden.

It may be that in some countries this varies, instead of using the prefix 067, # 67 or # 67 # will be used, in most cases all options will most likely work . It is best if we test it ourselves with a test call to make sure it works properly.



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