How to care for and maintain your home locks and security systems

Have you ever thought about how important home locks are and what function do they serve for the security of your home? These are possibly some of the items you pay the least attention to; They tend to go unnoticed, however, like all objects, they also have a useful life that needs to be lengthened.

How to care for and maintain your home locks

But why are they so important? For various reasons, one of them is that a lock in good condition protects your home from the friends of others, Remember that according to information published by CM &, so far in 2021 there have been more than 13 thousand house robberies, which represents a daily average of 81 thefts.

Do you know how to protect and keep them in good condition? With the advice of our Locksmiths experts, we give you some guidelines to take care of your guards. You should not be an expert, just follow these recommendations of experts.

Installation of secure home locks

There are several types of home locks on the market, as a guard for the front door of your house is not the same as for a room. Once you choose the one that best suits your needs, it is best to contact an expert for a correct installation.

Basic care

Are there any guidelines for caring for home locks and extending their life span? Of course, and most have to do with the correct use of the keys:

Don’t force it! The key should always be fully inserted (and until you reach the point to turn it).
If it is out of date or has a defect such as bent, it is best to make a copy. With a key in this state, the risk of it breaking inside the lock or getting stuck.

About maintenance

Over time, home locks can get stuck due to little use or oxidation of the interior parts that make them up, hence the importance of maintenance or preventive inspection of the lock. And when is it done? When you see that the sheet is hard or notice that it is difficult to open it.

And how is it done? Key ‘DIY’

Although there are several products on the market that are supposed to help unblock a lock, it is best to use granite. You should not apply oil because the guards can stick and lock.

Rub the tip of the faucet with a little granite
Insert it into the lock, making sure you do not drop the product
Once inside, carry out repetitive movements removing and inserting the key so that the graphite is well distributed inside the lock and try to open the bridge
Repeat these tips as many times as necessary
On the other hand, and if you are an expert when it comes to maneuvering some work tools, you can also try adjusting the screws.

When to call an expert?

If you have already applied the previous keys and the lock is definitely still having difficulties, then it is time to contact an expert. Depending on the deterioration and use of the lock (a guard that is in the water and in the sun is not the same as an internal one), the technician will take care of the respective repair or installation of a new element. If you need help, remember that our partner gives you a hand with this task with its Change of plates and locks service , which includes the equipment and tools necessary to carry out the installation of the lock and test operation.

Although the best thing to do when performing lock maintenance is to hire a professional, we share these tips that will surely be useful in your home. Here we care about your well-being and that of your family.


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