How to Care for pet fish

Not only dogs and cats need attention, if you have a pet bird, fish, hamster, rabbit or other pet, you know what kind of veterinary choose for your pet is safe and receive proper attention.

There are veterinarians specializing for each species. But how to choose the veterinarian? What do we know about the care you need your pet? Here are more details.

How to Caring for pet fish

Fish Specialist

While not common, there are veterinarians who specialize in fish and marine species, as there are people who prefer to devote their time and attention to a tank than a dog or cat.


The first thing to check when you buy a fish mascot is that kind of care you give them to maintain their health in detail how the water quality that you put in the aquarium, aquarium cleaning, nutrition and vitamins, and others.


You should also seek guidance on how to keep the environment clean for the fish because in these areas is likely to show the accumulation of organic waste so you have a disinfection system. Also, remember that in these and other pets, a disease prevention environment is be better than making treatment after affected.


What care we must take into account basic

Among the basic care for your fish, you have:

The first are the feeding times. Remember that fish are animals to be fed at least three times a day. Read here about Pet Food.

Never forget to have a light proper aquarium as this is vital to the growth of aquatic plants that you put in the aquarium as well as ideal for oxygenation of space.

The fish should not be fed more food then this end will not eat dirt in the tank, a way of knowing how much food is appropriate if the food is overseeing it accumulates in the bottom of the tank if so, the food is great and you must reduce from the next time.

Finally, it is important to point out that stress is one of the main reasons that generated the emergence of diseases in fish so you keep them in a quiet place without too much noise and give them vitamins to keep them nourished.


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