How to change the language in Windows 7

The operating system Windows 7 has a number of language packs and can easily be used in many countries. Although the English language is set during the installation of Windows, in some situations it is necessary to change the language later on Windows 7. Beginners and advanced students can change the language in its Windows using this guide in a few seconds.

How to change the language in Windows 7

Change language in Windows 7 the installation of new languages

The subsequent change in any way differs from the definition in the installation of Windows 7 and always leads to a matching result. Each individual user of the computer has the ability to change his language individually.

The user must first open the Control Panel of Windows 7, there is the option of “time, language and region”. Next select the “Install display languages”. The new language file can be installed in two different ways on the computer.

One possibility is through the Windows Update function, the other is over an existing file on the hard disk. If you have no language pack on the computer, you can install thorough Windows Update service, there the user can choose between many languages and install them with a confirmation.

If the file already exists on the hard disk, simply click “install display languages” and point manually this file. After the license conditions have been accepted, begin the installation of the language.

The active change language in Windows 7

In the Control Panel you will find the item “Change display language” with the old language that can be replaced by a new language.

After a reboot, run the entire operating system in the new language, if desired, this change can of course be reversed. Change language in Windows 7 is not a problem even for beginners and takes a few moments.


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