How To Choose A Bleaching Lotion For Lightening Hair

Lightening your hair using bleaching lotion is one of the ways to stand out your own skin or just change your look. There are several products on the market, but also home-made methods for those who are allergic to any chemical element present in those industries. They tend to be designed for those who already have a fairly clear color, as for the very dark shades the simple lightening lotions do not have the same power as a solid in all respects. The alternatives are presented here for those with dark hair, who already has a light shade and prefers those do-it-yourself methods.

The bleaching lotion usually contain extracts of chamomile, this because it has properties which enable natural discoloration of hair

The dyes without ammonia tone on tone represent a valid alternative to bleach hair, especially for those with a shade of very dark natural color, this is because the lotions on the market are designed to give shades ranging from mahogany to jet black. So it is not are ideal for those who already have the quite clear hair. The bleaching lotions applied to wet hair gradually disappear after 4/6 weeks with normal shampoo, simply washing your hair. It is one kind of lotion suitable for those who do not want to spend dramatically from one color to another and avoid the complications of a real dyed, moreover, being without ammonia, are ideal for those who are allergic.

The bleaching lotion usually contain extracts of chamomile, this because it has properties which enable natural discoloration of hair that over time tend to brown. Unfortunately, however, these bleaching lotion are dedicated only to those who already have enough clear hair, in order to make them more shiny. You must therefore be careful with the doses, especially during the first applications, avoiding the excesses and previously testing the product on a lock to avoid disappointment or allergic reactions.

Among the many hair bleaching lotions prefer do-it-yourself methods, or compounds created at home with simple ingredients and can be found in the municipalities supermarkets. Given the properties of chamomile, one of the more basic approaches is to prepare an infusion of its flowers, allow to cool, filter it and then use it after shampooing regularly, at least once or twice a week.

The result is not immediate, but very gradual and certainly not so considerable as you would use chemical lotions. In addition to chamomile it can also put the lemon squeezed, which makes the hair shiny and bright, but being careful not to exceed the amount.


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