How to choose a good gym and personal trainer

There are many reasons why you chose a place to practice any physical activity and a personal trainer
No matter what was the main reason for which you choose a gym, you have to keep in mind that it is a business service, you must meet certain minimum nonnegotiable, beyond the activities that promote, as a secure facility and enabled comfortable, sanitary conditions in all areas, requiring medical clearance certificate to the user, competent and committed professionals with the friendly, helpful service and educated staff are some of the items that every good gym should meet.

How to choose a good gym and personal trainer

Some will surely decide to enroll for several reasons, among which the obligation may be a factor, because you are supposed to do exercise for weight loss or medical advice.

If this feeling of obligation to physical activity is not modified or replaced by motivational aspects that represent a real incentive, the abandonment of the gym will be immediate.

Is it possible then to remain in a gym but meet all nonnegotiable items mentioned?

Statistics show that 6 of every 10 new customers leaving a gym in the first three months of motivational issues and lack of alignment between your expectations and what the gym that offers concurs.

It is essential then feel that the gym and his staff provide the right atmosphere to make training a fun experience.

Physical pain and positive emotions are anchored to experience certain things you never forget, even in gyms.

For this reason, and bearing in mind the non-negotiable items, it’s good to go with the first hunch to go to a gym: the deal, the atmosphere, the staff’s dedication to “prospect”, respond with courtesy and security to its questions generated a degree of confidence before taking the decision, will be vital.

The gyms that more professionalized its management in marketing and sales include small “tours” in them to advise the person concerned.

78% of the owners of gyms around the world assumed that the main challenge they have in their centers is retention, since the majority of new registrants not reach the three-month stay.

The main focus for addressing this challenge is getting today in training staff in the emotional approach prospective clients.

It would be advisable to add users to the items not negotiable tune your personal perception of how you feel about the treaty, before enrolling, since the first impression is what counts.

Feelings well treated by the staff and having fun are essential for a person to achieve the changes that went for the gym: get in shape, but also the habit of regularly and stay there a long time.


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