How to choose appropriate tiles for the best look

The decorative tiles come in a myriad of colors, patterns, styles and materials. Choosing the right tiles for kitchen or bathroom can seem like a daunting task, but can be easy if you consider the area you plan to cover and uses. The type of tile you use for kitchen wall is not equal to that for the bathroom floor, so before you go shopping check out these tips for choosing appropriate tiles and sizes.

Decide what area or Location you will cover with tiles

If you place the tiles on the back wall of the dishwasher and the kitchen, for example, this should influence your decisions. For areas that are in contact with grease, soap and water, the best choice are those tiles with soft and smooth surfaces that can be cleaned easily. A tile with a textured surface, such as traditional brick, would be very difficult to clean, while the smooth ceramic is easy to clean and scrub. If you are going to cover the bathroom floor, you can go for a tile that has some texture, it will be less slippery in contact with water or soap and therefore be safer.

If you are going to cover the bathroom floor, you can go for a tile that has some texture

Choose a color you can live with

Do not choose bright pink tiles unless you are sure that you will love this shade not only your current pink and black kitchen, but in your future kitchen. Installing tiles takes a lot of time and money, so you should make a lasting investment. Unless you plan to remodel the kitchen or bathroom at least every decade, stay away from fashion tiles rather look for patterns and classic colors.

Find a style and stick to it

Look no white ceramic tiles that bored you in the next 10 years. Try to combine functionality, longevity and creativity to create the perfect space. For a modern look, looking for new materials such as glass mosaic tiles. For a natural look, try a stone smooth finish. The overall aim should be to match your preferences coupled with a practical approach to decorating long term.

Tip for Mixing tiles on floors and walls

While it is true that combining tiles to decorate spaces using patterns like chess is quite old, using slabs of different colors, sizes and textures no longer simply something innovative. It may not look as elegant as a sober composition of two colors, but certainly it is an option that radiates personality and originality.

To make this reform on the floor or wall you should follow a few tips: if you are going to cover the floor, you should use similar size tiles with appropriate texture. Prefer similar tones, i.e., try not to mix primary colors to pastels to create harmony. However, there are no many restrictions other than those raised by you in your creativity. You can even do shapes and patterns as you wish.


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