How to clean Soapstone

Soapstone  is regarded as a natural mineral in its raw form. It is a comparable soft stone that can be worked very well. Therefore, it has been used for thousands of years as a material for various household sculptures. Since it stores heat very well, it is also a popular as a material for ovens. But in everyday life once every unused surface stained.

Depending on what you used the material should be cleaned in addition to tips on soapstone also learn how to impregnate the fabric leaves. In most cases you can apply a protection of the materials of the soapstone gives indeed a slightly darker color, but makes it less sensitive to environmental influences. Yet despite this protection, you should know that soapstone is a mineral, which must be handled with care. Care should be taken if possible that the stone is not exposed to too many influences, so you can enjoy it for a long time.

soapstone clean

Small stains can be removed usually well

Now but once something lands on the stone, but you need not to lose the same nerves. With a few precautions, many good spots to remove. Since soapstone is a similarly malleable mineral, one should first give up hard and scratchy brushes, as these can leave deep scratches on the surface. Most suitable is a soft brush or soft cloth.

Aggressive cleaning agents should be avoided as well. Most stains are greasy nature, therefore, suitable mixtures of water and soda or detergent. However, to clean soapstone you should not mixed detergent with other oils, because they can move into the stone and leave dark, unsightly stains can be removed.

Scratches and wax are also no problem

to find minor scratches in soapstone, you can try it carefully with a duster. However, one should proceed carefully and do not scrub it, because otherwise the scratches are deep, instead of disappearing. Wax stains, which are particularly often found in ovens, can even remove as if by themselves, by preheating the oven correctly. Then should the wax or paraffin contained therein evaporate by itself. Is not the case, you can help out with household hot air blower. If the stain does not disappear yet again, there is still in the shop for special means clean soapstone. If you observe these small Tips you can still enjoy long to him.


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