How to clean gutters in your house with zero gutter cleaning cost

When autumn arrives, the innumerable rains that we have already suffered in so many areas of the country. In some areas the rains have generated such damage that houses, premises, commercial premises and garages have had to be emptied urgently due to the floods.

One of the fundamental parts that must be in perfect condition before a torrential rain are the root and gutters of your home. They are the great forgotten ones and they play a crucial role for the correct evacuation of the water from the roof.

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No more gutter cleaning cost

Just follow this blog and today we will teach you how to properly clean the gutters with a series of premises that we must take into account. You can do it yourself, it’s not a big deal. Very simple, you can save hundreds of dollars from gutter cleaning service.

1. We must eliminate all the leaves and residues that we find in our gutters.
2. To remove the compact soil that has been adhering to the gutter over time, we must scrape with a stiff barbed brush .
3. The downspout of the gutter also fills with leaves and dirt causing significant jams. The best way to unclog the downspouts is by using water pressure .
4. We clean all small debris with pressurized water all the way down the drain.
5. We put a grid in the hole of the downspout to prevent compact debris from accumulating again and being easy to remove.
For more details explanation on how to perfectly maintain your gutters read this article at our NICE HOME DIY blog, but also allows you to repair your roof and prepare your house for the rains.

Precautions and Care for roof and gutter cleaning

In addition to knowing of roof and gutter cleaning in practice with these simple tips, it is important to be aware of some additional care when cleaning this at home.

• As we said above, roof and gutter cleaning should almost never be done on rainy or cloudy days, especially when lightning strikes and storms occur. Always try to clean the gutters on sunny days and clear skies;
• Before climbing on the roof, pre-separate everything you will need and make sure that the base of the ladder will be well secured with the help of a person who will stay on site at all times, until you descend and the cleaning is done.
• To avoid jams and serious obstructions, the roof and gutter should be cleaned at least 6 months. In regions with a high incidence of rain, the gutter should be cleaned every 4 months;
• In the case of buildings, the gutters should be cleaned only by specialized teams, calling gutter cleaning service in your area.

Signs that shows that roof and gutter Dirty

After learning roof and gutter cleaning strategy, you need to be alert to signs that she is dirty or clogged. Once you observe these signs, the gutter should be cleaned according to the previous step by step.

  • Infiltrations in the internal part of the house that can affect one or more rooms;
  • Moisture on the walls and presence of mold.
  • Small cracks in the wall.

Problems that Occur Due to Lack of Cleanliness

When the gutter is not cleaned at least 2 times a year, there are different types of problems, which are:

Commitment to the Structure of the House

When leaves, twigs, sand, and other debris accumulate in the ductwork in the ceiling and in the gutters, an obstruction occurs that hinders the flow of water.

With this, the increased volume of water can compromise the structure of the house and bring serious problems mainly on the walls.

Infiltration in Roof and Ceiling

When there is obstruction in the gutters, the accumulation of water also damages the structure of the roof and ceiling, causing serious problems with leaks that greatly compromise the structure of the property.

knowing of roof and gutter cleaning in practice with these simple tips

Disease proliferation

The importance of knowing How to Clean Gutters also shows health care.

When the water accumulates for so long and also the dirt deposited in the tube, it can cause many health problems, for example, dengue and other diseases transmitted by fungi and parasites.
All this information shows how important it is to keep your gutter clean and free of obstructions.

In cases of damage to the gutter and other occurrences, what is indicated is to call a professional to evaluate the structure and exchange it (if necessary).

How to Repair the Gutters

As the gutters wear out over time and show some cracks, it is indicated to make a repair using asphalt tape or bitumen, if the crack is large and without “concert”, replace the damaged gutter part. As you have learned How to Clean Gutters, apply this step by step in your home and avoid all kinds of problems that can compromise the structure of your property. You can save lots of your hard-earned money from doing this gutter cleaning work by your own.


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