How to clear the timeline of Facebook in few second?

“How to clear the timeline of facebook?” How many times have we asked this question? For many of us the timeline is unnecessary because we want the duration of our post is short and does not remain in time. For others, however, Facebook is a diary that must keep all our post for life. We are faced with a choice: remove the timeline of facebook or keep it to recover old post?

Our timeline, most of the time, are full of nonsense, we do not produce value on Facebook and also the links that we insert have limited longevity . Hardly a friend of ours is to tell us: “I remember that infoheaps has published an impressive video last year, I’m going to find him flipping his timeline.” Almost all the products status on Facebook can be contextualized in a given period and are not always interesting. Of course just because we produce this data, we must be able to be able to have control over our timeline.

safe removal of all the elements of your facebook timeline

How to remove our past on Facebook in second

Delete the timeline of Facebook is to remove all traces of our past, especially if it was very stormy. Deleting posts on facebook has a very high value for many of us because we can take concrete action on a piece of our memory imprinted on our wall. You know how to find your past? Just go to “Activity Log” , located at the top of the Timeline page, to see all that you’ve done on Facebook: close friendships, comments, everything that you said. Could be excruciating, I have warned. Before deleting anything, you can also save a copy of it. By clicking on the down arrow next to the padlock at the top right of the screen, you can go to “Settings” and then “General” to download a copy of your archive facebook. In fact, just click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” for a copy of photos, posts and videos shared from your chats and information relating to your profile. Facebook will assemble everything into a zip package. Now you know how to have a private copy of everything, just in case.

I averaged about 10 “activities” per day. The status update occasional, some photos, a comment here or there, the song I am listening. Some time ago my presence on Facebook was much higher. I joined Facebook in 2007 and I had to eliminate about 20,000 objects. If you think about it, there are more than 1500 pages to be printed!

The elimination of all these objects takes a long time . Activity log, there is a pencil next to each item. Clicking on it will have a menu of options. Some items can be eliminated; the Delete option in the menu is the same.

Some events can not be deleted . I I like, for example. Other events, such as friendships, you can hide them in the Timeline.

On average, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to remove all posts by a month. After about 12 hours of manual removal, I decided it was time to automate this procedure.

Removing the timeline of Facebook automatically

And here we come to the point where we have to figure out how to delete the timeline of Facebook not manually but using the appropriate tool. The real lesson I learned from this exercise is how difficult it is to manage an online persona.

I found an option: Timeline Cleaner, with the script that can be run in browsers Firefox or Chrome. Constantly updated, which is important. Facebook changes its code frequently to lock the tools that interact with it without updating. Timeline Cleaner is also open-source, so that other programmers can check their proper operation.

FB Timeline Cleaner is the option to delete messages older or newer than a given profile. However, in my case, it did not work properly. I spent a week trying to make it work in Firefox and Chrome. I used it for nearly ten hours but crashed several times. It probably happened because I had many tabs open the browser and because I was using a couple of applications simultaneously.

I ran Timeline on some sections, then all my timeline. It was pretty fast. In about an hour, my timeline was clean.

Not everything is so simple, that’s why!

You think you’ve found how to delete facebook timeline, and instead, deleted messages might reappear. I happened to be with this post deleted with Facebook Timeline Cleaner that with absterge. I do not think it’s a problem of Facebook, it’s probably because the popular social network has a distribution network of large and complex content with copies of messages stored in many places, so a “copy rambling” may appear even after the cancellation. The return of random status makes the whole process even more painful. I had to make multiple passes through each section to see what I had failed to clear with the tool.

The final solution

We do not recommend to use the tools that allow a safe removal of all the elements of your timeline but rather take some of your time managing your public persona. Maybe you found an old meme posted that still proves useful or you came across a photo that made ??you laugh and you want to keep. Why entrust the clutches of an application that removes all unconditionally? Social interaction is an activity time-sensitive and social networks like Facebook are geared to this. Comments of a year ago may be perceived as strange and yet there are things that could be maintained, which may be stored in archives, for the rest there are things that already appear old, out of context, that do not encourage or stimulate social interaction. I think it’s really complex to manage an online persona but, at the end of all these operations, I realized that it is quite simple. I was willing to delete all but the automated solutions are not the panacea for all ills. For this reason, we recommend that you spend some ‘of your time to clean up your board only things really unnecessary.

And that’s just Facebook. Imagine doing the same on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, and others. Your online life is becoming very important, for this reason should be treated more. The tools to do this are not yet mature, but know that there are companies ready to do it for you? I hope now you understand how to clear the timeline of Facebook but you have included a lesson, for me, was really important.


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