How to Color Hair with Henna

Hair dye is usually one of the most liked ways to vary the look for a woman, although the improvement of hair dyes is something that is constant innovation, its components tend, especially if you dye your hair constantly, to resect, split and eventually promote its fall, so the use of henna on the hair has turned a less harmful to the shine and healthy hair.

Color hair with henna

The henna is an ancient plant and in ancient civilizations it was used for coloring the skin with tattoos, and that from the twentieth century, was geared for coloring gray hair and hair with reddish tones, because that is the color of henna promotes, and that color is reddish in which to think about when you decide to dye your hair with henna, because the red color composition and tones are achieved with Henna but variants exist today but have been chemically processed so ceasing to be natural.

You can be purchase henna to dye hair in health food stores, in powder composition, this powder is mixed with water in a non-metallic container, obtaining a pasty combination with applying to the hair and allowed to stand for 30 to 45 minutes, drying in the sun, after which time rinse with water. Being a dyed 100% natural, of course not last as long as like, so the routine to keep the color stain should be done every week.


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