How to connect with your partner

Whether you make while you are already in a relationship or you are just starting one, it is good to know how to connect with your partner. The connection must not only emotionally but also physically and intimately connected is not the result of chance but of effort.

And you read that right, to be emotionally and physically connected, the effort and work must be both not just one party. However, what do you do as a woman to connect with your partner?

The first point is the communication. When the couple is in fluid communication remain both connected. It can be compared to when you are connected in a chat or a social network why do you connect? To speak, to know the other, see what he has done and what to say and how it is. If you were concerned about the other, you chat. Similarly, the connection involves an interest in the couple. You need to do your part for pleasant conversation. It’s good to set aside the nagging, criticism, challenges and any other negative element fading your conversation.

You can talk about how you were in the day, what have experienced but keep the conversation in surface levels, as you move beyond asking and deepen what they felt or thought this or that situation. When your partner express their feelings do not try to correct them or give advice, often to express all you want is to listen to you and nothing else. Resist the temptation to judge or tell you what to do, there’ll be time for that to be necessary.

The second point is to do things together as a couple. The pace of life can be so hectic that you only see at night, eat something and sleep to stay the same the next day. Plan activities together such as walking, going to movies or just do something together like visiting someone or washing the car together. The more things to do together, the more connected they will be. Obviously, this is to plan it for the daily affairs pushed to what everyone goes by. Even if they have children, allow yourself time alone together. Send their children to the home of grandparents, uncles, friends even for a while.
How to connect with your partner
The third point is to express affection. Do not spend a single day not saying “I love you”, “I love you”, “I need you” and others. Sometimes, expect him to take the initiative in expressing love and if he does not, neither do you as a punitive measure. But if you express the habit of showing your love by loving words, gestures like a hug or a kiss and some nice action and wait for your favorite dessert or give massages after playing football, he certainly will do the same for us and that will enhance the connection.

These are just three tips for connecting with your partner. If you practice you feel that you are a kind.


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