How to control blackheads

One of the most common skin problems and are easy to control so-called black spots, the accumulation of dead cells that tends to clog pores and results in the appearance of black spots on the skin, and also results in some cases overwork the sebaceous glands, the latter especially during adolescence.

How to control blackheads

But controlling the black spots on the skin, just requires a little work in the sense of hygiene of the skin, beyond the basic measures such as reducing the excessive intake of fat to be easing the problem.

You have to work in that exfoliate the skin and must be made at least 2 times per week, applying to the face a little aloe vera gel, generously leaving the skin glowing and keep it for half an hour. Then wash with cool water without rubbing and dry.

Another routine that you add to your skin care is applying water compressed with slightly warm salt a couple of times a week, slightly warmer than hot is hot do not go burning your skin, so that the steam open pores and then gently press your fingertips to remove or treat the skin better then use band-aids to black spots that can be acquired in cosmetic stores.

Also within this removing blackheads procedure, you should make some changes in the makeup, because some components in the cream makeup often fuel the problem, so it’s best until the weekly routine of exfoliation choose cosmetics takes effect dust, but if your skin is giving dry skin an extra moisture by applying an extra moisturizer lotion before applying makeup.

It is also important to give the skin nutrients that help control the problem, and this is through a mask of tomato, which is made with ripe tomatoes applied to the face for half an hour at night and removing with cold water by washing.


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