How to control the battery of your laptop with Windows 10

When we work with laptops and demanding programs such as Windows 10 and many of the applications and games we install, autonomy is an important factor. This is because the life time between charging and charging the battery, sometimes it will be the time we can use the laptop until we find another plug.

Many work with their laptops as if it were a desktop but that is not always the case. Many others are constantly moving from side to side with their laptop in tow, so the battery life is key. And not only that, but in this same section many other factors come into play, such as the optimization of the operating system to increase that autonomy of Windows 10.

Do you have a laptop with Windows 10? This you would love to control the battery

The battery consumption of laptops in Windows 10 is key

This is something that Redmond along with many other software development companies, are fully aware of. That is why we usually offer customizable functions that at a specific time prioritize energy savings over performance. At the same time, Microsoft engineers themselves also improve, in addition to consumption, the way users control it. For this purpose, improvements have been made over time so that we can control the current battery level , adjust the power mode etc.

Battery concept

As you probably know, right now this is something we can see in a few seconds from the system tray. But of course, as usual in these cases, many ask much more from Microsoft in this regard. Moreover, at this point, it is completely lawful to question how a software of the level of Windows 10 has such a limited battery control method.

Autonomy function that Windows 10 should have

This is a design that is based on the approach presented by Google’s Android system in this same direction. Thus, we would see an attractive graph related to the operation of the battery to see, in a detailed way, the life of the battery in the next hours. In this same window the user could see essential information such as the percentage of the battery, the remaining time until the battery runs out, or the performance mode settings. At the same time from here we would have a direct access to the system consumption settings to easily change them.

As is easy to imagine, this is a very attractive and useful concept that, at a glance, would show us important information about the autonomy of the team. But as usual, although this function would be much appreciated, it would also be, in turn, improvable. And it is that already put, direct options could be included to save consumption activating the function from this new section.


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